Hoeness backs Bayern Munich’s decision to keep Robert Lewandowski

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Uli Hoeness backs Bayern Munich’s decision to keep Robert Lewandowski at the club for the remainder of his contract for one year. Hoeness backs Bayern to keep Levan on contract for another year

Former Bayern Munich chairman he has backed the current board’s approach should it decide to keep Robert Lewandowski on his contract for another year. Despite the player’s insistence on leaving Munich, Sport1 reported on Tuesday. 

‘I always say that if we don’t have an alternative that we think can replace him to some extent. which seems difficult now I will definitely support Like everyone else at the club he will stay one more year,’ said Hoeness, ‘then we have to see if he goes on a free transfer next year or maybe even extends his contract ufabet, nobody knows.’

Asked what he thought was happening to Lewandowski and how it got here, Hoeness replied: ‘Nothing happened. He is who he has always been and makes sure he finds his interests. At this moment, things weren’t what he and especially his special agent wanted. So they are angry.’

‘I encourage everyone involved to set goals. Don’t let things escalate And then the sun will shine again over the Lewandowski – Bayern Munich home,’ Hoeness said.