Different symbols and payouts of the Sheriff slot game

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Wild West Gold Review There are 13 types of symbols within the Sheriff slot game, including normal pay symbols and special symbols that aid in playing. There will be details of each symbol as follows.

  • The Sheriff’s badge is the Scatter symbol, which helps to activate the bonus game mode. If 3-5 sheriff badges are obtain, 8-20 free spins will be award respectively. Within the Free Spins mode. There is a Sticky Wilds feature. That allows multiple consecutive Wilds to be obtain. With a special prize multiplier rate of up to 5 times ufabet.
  • The Wild symbol  will qualify as a substitute for all common prize symbols. With the exception of the Scatter symbol  , within this sheriff game, the Wild symbol adds a special multiplier. Whenever a Wild is involve in a win. The bonus money will be add to 2x, 3x and 5x respectively.
  • The Cowboy with Golden Hat symbol has a maximum payout of 960 times.
  • The Cowboy with Gun symbol has a maximum payout of 600 times.
  • The Cowgirl with White Hat symbol has a maximum payout of 360 times.
  • The Cowgirl with Gun symbol has a maximum payout of 240 times.
  • The Bag of Gold Coins symbol has a maximum payout of 180 times.
  • The Gun Belts symbol has a maximum payout of 120 times.
  • The A and K symbols have a maximum payout of 72 times.
  • The Q, J and 10 card symbols have a maximum payout of 48 times.

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